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First day of 2009 ...
topics: spectator as actor * web-spectacle * authorship = wiki concept *
"Spectator2.0" ? Web-spectator?

web-actor -- where to start to talk about it?

... WEBACTOR -- in one word?

-- From stagematrix group :
Between pomo (postmodern) and beta (vtheatre) -- post-text theatre.
Visual = director's, not playwright's.
Ritual, movement based -- pre-world spectacle, but Aristotle still stands. How I plan to use this group: T-blog [anatolant.spaces.live.com] & virtual theatre [anatolant.vox.com] blogs : first is for teaching/instructions and second -- for theory?
After "first drafts" it should go to stagematrix.vtheatre.net & meyerhold.us
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write W-blog vs w-blog [writing & webbing]



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2007 : web-year >>> 2008 : "write-year" ...


Not yet, there is something else is in the middle.

... web as MEDIA = spectacle.

I have to think again about this "new spectator"... post-postmodern creature. Maybe, in Total Actor and Total Director?

Maybe in myspace.com/anatolant [blog] ?

Maybe while I am teaching/directing (my last months with Theatre UAF)?


It's all connected -- including Virtual Theatre concept.

Way before youtube.com Foucault wrote "Disciple and Punish" and this Shakespearean thought that we all are actors and on stage all the time became more than an allegory.

My dream-project UTOPIA [u21.us] is about make it REALITY. Yes, using the web.

"Professional Spectator" -- that's how I used to think about myself (director).

"Professional Amateur" -- that's how I should think about all of us.


Maybe, this "Chorus Line, Et" show I plan for Addis Ababa is connected with this Spectator2.0 ?

ethio.vtheatre.net -- my Ethiopian pages generation-3

I should explain it...

Maybe, I can't.

Maybe, somebody else will write about it, if I manage to succeed.

Maybe, I should mind my own business -- write The Book of Spectator.

Do I have page "2009" in this book?

I don't know.

Do I have my director's notes for this Ethiopian Chorus Line?

I don't think so.


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pix.txt --
Web-director instead of webmaster -- pomo.vtheatre.net : "readers" [surfers] as actors

and -- writers?

web-3 : as stage

no show, but SPECTACLE, ritual [social web-2], where actor=spectator.

Write about it in web.vtheatre.net [Webman's Diary]?

filmplus.org/research ?

Which blog?

... in 2009 ?

Re-read filmplus.org/spectator !

... Lul & Project Utopia?

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